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The Increasing Threats Of Fire

Being just average people who do not have a specialized education in the fields of earth related issues such as global warming, the rising of the oceans due to glacial melting, and the decline of wildlife because of man made destruction, what can we actually believe is true and should we really be concerned with all these things? Well, if you prefer to act like an ostrich with your head buried in the sand, it is easy to ignore what many experts are warning us about.

For the rest of us who have enough common sense to realize that things are changing, what we really need to know is what if anything can we do to reverse some of the changes that appear to be happening so rapidly and more frequently everyday? We all know that we should learn to conserve more fuel, use less electricity, and probably be even more conservative with our food supply. We know that we need to avoid using chemical products where they can harm our yards, the air, the ozone, animal life, and especially our children. We are becoming a society that must stay aware of so many new threats to our very existence.

While there are earthquakes and fires springing up all over the world, there is also an increasing number of flooding events taking place. All of these natural disasters are destructive in their own way. Fires can start because of extremely hot and dry weather, but usually it will start small and grow larger. This can give firefighters enough time to respond and home owners to flee before there is a big threat of loss of life. Earthquakes will take many lives because it is unforeseen in all most all instances, but it is usually over in a matter of minutes, but with minor to major aftershocks to flow.

When Natural disaster flooding occurs, sometimes people can be advised that there is a threat and have enough time to flee to safety. Many times however, flash flooding can occur with little or no warning at all in unexpected places. This has been the case for those who live in coastal areas where a hurricane comes ashore or even in the Midwest because of heavy rainfall for long periods of time. Water can stick around for a pretty good while after an area has become flooded unless adequate drainage is in place. The effects can be long lasting and horrendous to clean up and repair.

So, should we really be worried about the threat of constant and deadly looming disaster? It is always better to be safe than sorry, so when we live on an earthquake fault line, in a flood zone, or where there is a normal threat of wildfire, perhaps the best we can do is prepare for the worst and the best we can hope for is that all is not as bad as some predict.